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General Church Planting:

North American

For those in North America, resources are plentiful. Often the emphasis is mono-cultural (suburban, Anglo, boomer generation) so be aware of the author's assumptions and understand your own focus group.

Starting a New Church: The Church Planter's Guide to Success
by Ralph Moore
The book we've all been waiting for! After 20 years of church planting in Hawaii, Japan and the US Ralph Moore has put his extensive experience in a book. Read and learn!

Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age
by Ed Stetzer
Ed Stetzer lays out a case for missional church planting and then describes the process to plant healthy new churches. He combines the theological and the practical in one book. The book looks at cultures and how to reach persons in those cultures through the tools within the cultures themselves. It also provides a new look at emerging trends in churches reaching postmoderns. Then, it provides step by step instructions about how to plant churches in today's world.

Expanding God's Kingdom Through Church Planting
by Fred Herron
Haven't read this one yet. Let NextChurch know what you think!

Church Planting for a Greater Harvest
C. Peter Wagner
Best introductory book. Great to hand out to team members.

Church Planter's Toolkit
Robert Logan & Steve Ogne
For many years it's been the standard training set (tapes and workbook) guiding church planters.

Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century : A Comprehensive Guide for New Churches and Those Desiring Renewal
Aubrey Malphurs
Complete how-to book for N. American church planting. 2nd edition.

Church Planting: The Next Generation
Kevin Mannoia
Introduces systems for multiplying churches. Application of Church Resource Ministries' (CRM) church multiplication systems in action.

Creating Communities of the Kingdom : New Testament Models of Church Planting
David W. Shenk, Ervin R. Stutzman
A Biblical study of church planting methods based on Acts and other passages, sprinkled with practical insights.

Church Planting: Laying Foundations
Stuart Murray, J. Nelson Kraybill
Not many books get beyond the "how to" of church planting to examine the eccesiastical foundations these church plants are built on, this book does. The authors make a valuable contribution to church planting "thinking," which in the hands of someone working through these ideas should produce better churches.


Church Planting Guide
George Patterson
A true cross-cultural, start-from-nothing, win-every-member-to-Christ church planting manual. Don't be fooled by the pictures, all the questions and activities are those that a good coach would ask a church planter. Try here if the link above doesn't work.

Planting Churches Cross-Culturally, 2 ed.
David Hesselgrave
One of the best, updated in 2000, but easy to get lost in the details. Features the Pauline Cycle.

Church Multiplication Guide : Helping Churches to Reproduce Locally and Abroad
George Patterson & Richard Scoggins
Principles by which to multiply churches. Or try William Carey Library 800.647.7466.

Passing the Baton: Church Planting that Empowers
Tom Steffen
The significance of this work is highlighting the phase out process and role changes a planter goes through. Or try William Carey Library 800.647.7466.

Planting and Growing Urban Churches : From Dream to Reality
Harvie M. Conn (Editor)
A collection of articles from the best practitioners in urban church planting.



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