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Ongoing Improvements


Focused Living Resource Kit
Terry Walling
Focused Living is a personal development process designed to help believers bring strategic focus to their life and ministry.

A Work of the Heart: Understanding How God Shapes Spiritual Leaders
Reggie McNeal
One of the best books on spiritual leadership. It's not a Christianized leadership traits book like so many on the market. The author emphasizes the heart - the spiritual center - in leadership formation. Plenty of practical help for spiritual leaders in this book.

Leaders Who Make a Difference: Essential Strategies for Meeting the Nonprofit Challenge
Burt Nanus (preface) & Stephen M. Dobbs
Finally a book on leadership aimed at non-profits that is more than just business advice rehashed. The authors explore the leader's roles as a visionary, strategist, change agent, coach, politician, and campaigner. They also take up issues of accountability and the question of how results are measured in nonprofit organizations.

Building Church Leaders
A resource by Christianity Today and Leadership magazine with theme-based modules for training staff and lay leaders. Useful for half hour classes, retreats and everything in between. Includes rights to reproduce for your leaders.

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Systems Thinking

Our thinking needs to be challenged with regard to problem solving and change. Problems do not have simple answers and adopting the latest popular church approach won't work. We need to see beyond symptoms to the root causes. Learning organization principles can help get us there.

The Fifth Discipline : The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization
Peter M. Senge
Popular introduction to systems thinking and the learning organization.

The Equipping Pastor : A Systems Approach to Congregational Leadership
R. Paul Stevens & Phil Collins
Helping the church get unstuck using a family systems approach.

The Learning Congregation : A New Vision of Leadership
Thomas R. Hawkins
Learning organization principles applied in congregations.

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Church Restoration

A church can be said to be planted by its first birthday, whatever its size. A church older than two years has established a set organizational "culture." Change strategies are useful at this point.

Leading Congregational Change : A Practical Guide for the Transformational Journey
Jim Herrington, Mike Bonem, James Harold Furr
Combines John Kotter's eight change steps with learning organization principles to create a holistic, yet realistic plan for changing a church. Don't miss the workbook.

Natural Church Development
Christian Schwartz
A tool to determine the health of a church based on eight quality components. Survey, book, training, and consultation are available.

Leading Change
John Kotter
Harvard Business School professor gives eight stages to lasting change. This is the book on change.

The Interventionist
Lyle E. Schaller
A conceptual framework for asking questions about congregations. By asking the right kinds of questions, listening, learning and more listening an interventionist can help diagnose congregational ills and point them toward solutions.

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