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Conferences are offered by a variety of churches, organizations and denominations. Check with your denomination about church planting conference they hold. Below are interdenominational conferences open to all. Also see books on regional church planting.

North America

Northwest Church Planting
Based in metro Portland, OR, this interdenominational fellowship provides a full range of support activities for church planters. It's a model for what could be developed in every region.

Church Planter's Wives Forum
A two-day "safe place" to gather for encouragement, support and prayer for women experiencing the excitement and stress of church planting. Currently, only in the Dallas area, but contact Nikki Roberts at

Outreach Canada
They have church planting conferences for the Canadian context. Next one is in Montreal Nov. 2001 with Henry Blackaby and Kevin Mannoia. Follow the link and click on the "Planting" tab.


The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting
Saturation Church Planting training sessions per year in Budapest, Hungary.

Conference for Church Planting (KfG)
A conservative German association that promotes church planting in Europe.


JEMA Church Planter's Institute
A large annual conference to train and network church planters together in Japan.

Nonformal Training
In-depth church planting workshops, "bootcamps," and seminars are offered by the following organizations.

Church Resource Ministries (CRM)
CRM Church Multiplication offers consulting, training, and coaching for church planters. They originated two very successful church multiplication systems: The New Church Incubator, and the Parent Church Network. Both systems are designed train, encourage and coach church planting through regional networks. They also offer training in urban and post modern church planting.

Church Multiplication Training Center
Tel: 719.531.6393
They offer the Church Planter’s Bootcamp, screening, and many other services for the church planter.

Dynamic Church Planting International
A nondenominational ministry that offers screening, training, and mentoring for church planters and their spouses.

Northwest Church Planting
Based in metro Portland, OR, this interdenominational fellowship provides a full range of support activities for church planters. It's a model for what could be developed in every region.

School for Cross-Cultural Urban Church Planting
World Impacts' six-day training school for urban church planters.

DOVE Christian Fellowship Int’l
Cell-based Church Planting Clinics. Conferences based on Larry Kreider’s book "House to House," for church planting using cell groups.

Fellowship of Church Planters
Teaching, mentoring, and encouragement for those planting house churches. Dick Scoggins' organization.


For those who want to complete a degree program, majoring in church planting is a way to get practical theological training. For those who just want to sit in and learn, many seminaries allow "auditors" in their classes for noncredit at a considerable discount.

Baker's Guide to Christian Distance Education
Interested in distance learning? Start here to research over 150 accredited Christian colleges.

Christian Graduate
A comprehensive graduate school search engine. Hundreds of schools are listed. Search by name, location, major, denomination, etc.

Fuller Theological Seminary
School of World Mission
Bob Logan teaches church planting courses for the DMin program. For a church planting course by distance learning contact the IDL office at for information.

Pacific Rim Bible Institute
Associated with New Hope Christian Fellowship of O’ahu, one of the fastest growing outreach churches in the USA, they offer a four-year undergraduate program called The School of Church Planting. It requires plenty hands-on experience along the way.

Goldengate Baptist Theological Seminary
A Southern Baptist seminary near, you guessed it, San Francisco! GBTS' program offers courses in church planting, mentoring, and actual church planting experience.

Northwest Graduate School of Ministry
All classes taught as one-week intensive with popular instructors from around the country. MA and DMin in Church Planting as well as a new Church Multiplication DMin. Speciality in urban ministry with Ray Bakke. Seattle, WA.

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