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Regional Networks

See also books on regional church planting.

North America

Organic Church Planting
Postmodern church planting in mostly SW United States. Neil Cole's materials are available.

Church Planting Coaches
An international network of experienced cross-cultural church planters and frontier missionaries who are providing coaching, mentoring, and field-based training to YWAM church planting teams. Lots of good links.

Church Planter's Wives Forum
A two-day "safe place" to gather for encouragement, support and prayer for women experiencing the excitement and stress of church planting. Currently, only in the Dallas area, but contact Nikki Roberts at

Northeast Church Planters Network
Facilitating church planting in the NE USA through encouragement, resourcing and networking of evangelical church plants.

Northwest Church Planting
Based in metro Portland, OR, this interdenominational fellowship provides a full range of support activities for church planters. It's a model for what could be developed in every region.

Fellowship of Church Planters
Teaching, mentoring, and encouragement for those planting house churches.

Outreach Canada
The place to look for church planting in Canada. Part of the DAWN movement, they hold conferences and publish original research on Canadian church planting.

Canadian House Church Resource Network
They also put out a quarterly e-mail newsletter.

US Ethnic churches
A wealth of information, articles and links on planting ethnic churches in America.

The mission of CHIEF is to disciple and equip a strong Native American leadership for the development of the indigenous church throughout North, Central and South America. They maintain a database of over 3,000 Native Churches and Mission Agencies throughout North America.

World Impact (Urban Church Planting)
World Impact is a nationwide, interdenominational, Christian discipling and church-planting ministry dedicated to ministering God’s love in the inner cities of America.


Hope For Europe
A European network with links, articles and other resources.

The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting
A partnership of more than 50 churches and international mission agencies joining hands to help start new churches in the 27 countries that were previously controlled or influenced by the former Soviet Union.


JEMA Church Planter's Institute
A large annual conference to train and network church planters together in Japan.

South America

Research and church information on Brazil in Portuguese.

E-mail Conferences

The largest international church planters e-mail list. The vision for the CHURCHPLANTERS conference is for church planters to build up and encourage each other by sharing vision, questions, specific problems, experiences, testimonies and practical suggestions.

Baptist Church Planters
New Mailing List for Baptist Church Planters. You may subscribe to it by E-mail and simply write subscribe in the subject box of your e-mail message and then put a little about yourself, your church planting experience or desire to plant a church in the body of the message.

The Bivocational Pastor
An e-mail discussion/fellowship group for bivocational pastors to share experience, exchange information and be encouraged. To subscribe, please send your request and an introduction of yourself (the church you serve, the non-church work you do, family, etc.) to

The Friday Fax
A weekly e-mail newsletter with current church planting stories from around the world. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe English" written in the subject box to

Canadian House Church Resource Network
They put out a quarterly e-mail newsletter. Write here and request the newsletter and tell them about your ministry. Back issues are here.

Evangelism Online
Exists to equip today's church leaders with the knowledge and resources to effectively share the Gospel in a Postmodern world. To subscribe send an email to with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

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