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Planting Helps


This professional demographics company is geared to church planting needs. Percept can provide you with a Ministry Area Profile (MAP) of demographic information on your target area. You'll find out standard information such as age, family structure, race, education, income levels, as well as likely religious preferences and faith involvement. Com
bined with Percept's Community Preference Assessment (COMPASS) you'll get insight into community preferences for church programs ('how do we meet their needs?"), styles ("how do we appeal to their tastes?"), and communication ("how to we contact them?"). Both for under $400.

Who Lives in Your State?
Free demographics to help USA churches plan ministry outreach. Just type in your zip code for instant free demographics for your zip code.

National Decision Systems
Demographics online. A product called MicroVision classifies ever
y household in the U.S. into one of 50 segments. These segments describe buying behaviors, lifestyles and other psychographics.

George Barna
Demographic information for N. America as well as articles by the popular author/researcher.

Southwestern Seminary
They offer a number of research links on their site.

Evangelism and the Internet

Internet Evangelism Conference
The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College hosts this annual conference.

See also books on evangelism.


Prayerwalking is a way to get the church planting team out into the community praying for neighborhoods and individuals. WayMakers offers several resources to help.

See also books on spiritual issues in church planting.

Pastoral Helps

Church Leaders' Network
Part of Christianity Online. They feature articles for church leaders from "Christianity Today," "Church History" and "Leadership Journal" on one central page. They also offer a biweekly e-mail newsletter. Lots of other church resources here.
Rick Warren started this web site as a service to pastors everywhere. You'll find sermon helps, leadership tool, encouragement and more.

The Clergy Recovery Network
The Clergy Recovery Network exists to support, encourage and provide resources to religious professionals in recovery. If you are a pastor, missionary, religious professional or a spouse of one and you need help this site is a good start.

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