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The following are church planting manuals that are online and free. Check out books for printed manuals for sale.

Dynamic Church Planting Handbook
This updated manual is the pdf version of Dynamic Church Planting International's core curriculum. Very complete.

Preparation for Church Planting: Self-Study Guide for Church Planters
A great resource for church planters to work through.

Mentoring Guidelines for Church Planters
Robert W. Martin
A practical tool that helps leaders understand the role of mentoring in helping church planters to be faithful to God's calling to plant churches. (books on coaching church planters)

The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting - Omega Course
The Omega Course is a complete church planter's training for unreached contexts. Alliance is a partnership of more than 50 churches and international mission agencies joining hands to help start new churches in the 27 countries that were previously controlled or influenced by the former Soviet Union.

Handbook for House Churches
An online introduction and guide by Dick Scoggins and the Fellowship of Church Planters. (books on house church)

Bill Easum
Look for three articles including a NewChurch Planting Workbook.


A variety of good articles are available about church planting. Here are some of the better ones.

Steve Addison
Online resources on church planting and the dynamics of church planting movements.

How Do I Know I'm Qualified to Plant a Church?
Charles Ridley
A good summary article of Ridley's 13 characteristics of a church planter. See also his manual.

Houses that Change the World
Wolfgang Simson
The "15 Theses" have become a widely read article communicating the DNA, the genetical code of housechurch. (books on house church)

Church Planting Movements
David Garrison
Very helpful booklet about the dynamics church planting movements. At the link above you can download a pdf or Word version. Read it online or order a printed version from the International Mission Board. (books on church multiplication movements)

Bobby Clinton
Articles on Christian leadership by the premier thinker on Christian leadership. His book The Making of a Leader is core reading on leadership development.

13 Steps to a Successful Growth Program
James H. Montgomery
DAWN's steps to church multiplication movements.

George Patterson's Site
Free articles and manuals on church planting and coaching in the "downloads" section.

Essential Tasks of Missiology
Gailyn Van Rheenen
Developing a strong movement of God in a new city or ethnic area requires the accomplishment of three essential missiological tasks. 1. Planting new churches. 2. Nurturing new believers. 3. Building leaders.

Ethnic Church Planting
Various articles from the Southern Baptists. (books on ethnic church planting)

Native American Church Planting
Various articles from Mission Frontiers magazine. (books on Native American church planting)


House2House Magazine
A free printed magazine emphasising house church planting. Also see their site.

Cutting Edge
The Association of Vineyard Churches' (USA) church planting newsletter. The best newsletter resource on church planting published regularly. Read all articles on-line and sign up for a free printed and mailed subscription.

Sowing Seeds
Journal of the Northeast Church Planters Network. Twelve pages of testimonials, how-to tips, resources, and motivational stories for the church planter. Available in PDF on-line.

Conference for Church Planting (KfG)
A conservative German association that promotes church planting in Europe. They publish the Gemeindegründung Magazine in German.

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