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Marketing and Supplies

Graphic Design & Marketing

Outreach Marketing
Creative church planting marketing tools such as postcards, direct mailers, banners, logos, etc.

Custom-designed, high-quality direct mail postcards. Also, logos, brochures, billboards, web sites and more.

The Christopher Group
Design for all aspects of church life - bulletins, visitor's brochures, visitor's cards, door knockers, audio or video sleeves, etc. Call

International Bible Society
Bibles in many languages and formats. Discounts available.

Mobile Church Supplies

Portable Church Industries
PCI offers a complete set up for school, theater, or once-a-week set up facilities. Everything from sound systems to childcare, signs to chairs. PCI can provide you with a customized, detailed list of exactly what you will need, and a precise cost for your church plant.

Church Buildings

Start with this article, "God Is in the Blueprints" by Tim Stafford. Our deepest beliefs are reflected in the ways we construct our houses of worship. Also, see books on church buildings.

Church Construction
When you are ready to build a church building check out this informative site that gives loads of information on the construction process. Also available is a book that extensively covers the entire process, helping the reader avoid many costly mistakes.

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